Navision Toolset

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Navision Toolset
Welcome to the first Version of the Navision Toolset Automation Server.

At present the Component contains several debugging functions. In some cases you need to write out some Debug Values to check if a loop or the Application Server runs well. The Navision Debugger can't support you and debugging by using the Message-Box isn't an efficient alternative.
With this component you can write Debug Entrys to the Windows Debugging Environment which can be captured with the DebugViewNT-Tool from for example.
If you use the Tool for debugging inside the Navision Client you can also open a simple Debug Monitor as a Stay-On-Top-Window or write a LogFile.

I hope you'll find this component as useful as it was to me while searching for a NAS Error in the last weeks.

If you have another idea for an additional Function, Dialog or something else which can be placed inside the Navision Tool set, feel free to contact me!

Discuss this download here.
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