Modify a contact with code from the contact-form ?

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I'm still a NAV-enduser-newbie, so forgive me if this is a really stupid question :-)

I have an extra CustNo.-field on my Contacts-form. I want to take the value of the standard No.-field and put that in the CustNo.-field, but only after the menu-option Create As Customer was executed. I try it this way:

CreateCustomer(ChooseCustomerTemplate); (= standard Nav)
CustNo := "No.";

I receive the error that 'another user has modified the record for this contact". What am I doing wrong ? I'm running it myself, there's no other user involved ?


Josh R.


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    Nav End-users shouldn't mess around in the code ! [-X

    Navision made the Contact module quite complicated.
    You have the remove the code you wrote and at the following in table 5050 in function CreateCustomer, after the line:

    // >>
    "Customer No." := Cust."No.";
    // <<
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