Suggest Vendor Payment with 2 locations and 1 vendor

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I have a customer that has 4 locations that share a number of vendors. Each location pays their own invoices, using the Suggest Vendor Payment function off of the Payment Journal.

When they run the function, the journal is populated with invoices from all locations. There doesn't seem to be any method to filter out the invoices for each location. Dimensions, posting groups and responsibility centers do not work as the function continually looks at the vendor card instead of the actual invoice.

Any suggestions?


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    You will have to modify the report.
    Add an extra field in the requestform for the location (is it "Location Code" or a new field?).
    In Function "GetVendLedgEntries", you have to apply the filter. Or if the field is not available in the Vendor Ledger Entries, you have to take the invoice (in case it is an invoice) and check it there and skip the record if it is a wrong location.
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