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Hi all

I order to ensure that the right lot of purchased items is used when using subsequent transferorders, I am considering using Item Tracking

So, I go to the PurchOrderlines, itemTrackingLines and key in the LOT info. (And yes, I have entered Item Tracking Code on the items)

When I need to move the items using transferorders, I again go to Lines, Item Tracking Lines and key in the info

:-k It must be possible to automate this keying in. As we are talking many purchorderlines, tha manual job can take some time!

The LOT nr I intend to use (Supplied to me from the vendor) is actually also present on the PurchOrderHeader and om the TransferOrderHeader.
This LOT nr should apply to all lines on the PurchOrder/TransferOrder
With the lot nr present it should be somewhat "easyer" to automatically create some tracking lines to the PurchOrder and TransferOrder.

Inspecting form 6510 Item Tracking lines, which uses a lot of code on the form :shock: it seems rather difficult to simulate keying in the data into the recs :(

:?: So, any suggestions on how to automatic generate the ItemTrackingLines to PurchOrder and TransferOrders, would be greatly appriciated !

Best rgds


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    The data on the form 6510 Item Tracking lines come from table 337 Reservation Entry.

    The Tracking Specification table on the form is used to show temporarily the data and accept your input.

    You could enter the specification you want by hand, inspect the table 337 for that entry, and then write your code to auto-insert your LOT no. specification for every line in your Purchase Order.

    You should also keep in mind the Assign Lot No. code that is in the menu item, which creates a Lot number for you and assigns the quatities that you have entered. So you could use that code too...

    The application uses the same logic for the transfer orders too...

    I hope I helped you...
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    Thx for the input. I will take a closer look right away. :)

    Best rgds
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