Advanced GUI v1.1 for Navision

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Advanced GUI v1.1 for Navision
Advanced GUI for Navision gives you a number of possibilities to extend standard Navision forms.

Window Events and Splitters:
This gives you control of where your mouse pointer currently are over your window and when any mouse buttons are pressed down or released, this is done by raising events in Navision. This can be used to give the user possibility to move controls on the form. In the example you can see an calendar like in Microsoft Outlook where you can select multiple dates or the week. This form is entirely made in Navision! In this demo you can also see the splitter which is used to resize the subforms within the window.

Count Window:
The count windows are small windows always on top, they can contain a numbers only and is meant to show how many open items the user need to work on. This can be used for the no. of to-dos for today, no. of incoming BizTalks document that needs to be processed or no. of shipment that need to be processed.

Navigation Pane:
This gives you the possibility to open and close the Navigation pane from code, it also gives you the width of the Navigation Pane so you can resize your window when you close the Navigation Pane.

Debug for Navision:
This shows an icon in the status area of the windows Task bar, when the icon is clicked the Debug window opens. From your code you can write to this window for debug purpose. When your code is run you can follow the progress in the debug window.

See: for more information.

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