Nav. Fin. 2.01A and C/ODBC

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Questions concerning Navision Financials 2.01A – C/ODBC

Can specific SQL-functions be used?
e.g. datepart, substring, concatenate, sign, locate etc.
If possible, I am also interested in the syntax.

Can outer-joins be defined in C/ODBC?
e.g. when I want to retrieve all records from a Table which are joined by a Field to another table but some records have a non-value in this particular field. The results are only the records based on the fields having a value.

Concerning Flowfilters:
a. can flowfilters be joined with a table?
b.can the value of a flowfilter be shown in the result (select)
c. can datefunctions be used in datefilters (e.g. ‘H’, ‘LM-1W’)



  • Craig_NeedhamCraig_Needham Member Posts: 23
    I would like to make a comment regarding the last section of your question.

    My experiance with flow filters are that they are not transferred through ODBC. This is probably because the ODBC connection can only transfer data that is actually stored in the table.

    If anyone knows of a way to include flowfields with ODBC transfers (besides transferring the data to a duplicate table and connecting to the new table), then that would be very interesting. :-)
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