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Hi Everybody,
I need to print any Navision report to a PCL file. In printer dialog window, when I tick "Print to file" field and give the file name I receive PCL file, which is an output of a report. But I need to be done automatically. I mean, I need any report from Navision to have a possibility to be sent to PCL file without user intervention. File name would be retrieved from series nos. Is anybody able to help me in it? I tried to define a printer and its output as a file. But I have to give a file name every time. I tried to find an OCX control which is able to generate a PCL output. But I found nothing. Thank you in advance.

Marcin Woch


  • aohlfsenaohlfsen Member Posts: 30
    On a Windows printer-driver (Windows 2000 or above i think) go to properties, the page "Port", press "Add Port", select "local port", press "new port", type in the path and filename to your pcl file.

    In the advanced page select "Print directlyt to printer", otherwise it won't work as I recall.

  • wochmwochm Member Posts: 26
    This is exactly I wanted to receive. Thank you very much.

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