Paperless Printer

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Paperless Printer
Paperless Printer is a universal document exchange utility. You can use Paperless Printer to publish virtually any document or ANY NAVISION REPORT in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Microsoft Word Format (DOC), Microsoft Excel Format (XLS), JPEG or BMP, preserving the exact look and content of the original document, complete with fonts and graphics. You can distribute your PDF and HTML documents by E-Mail or store them on the World Wide Web, on intranet, a file system, or a CD. Other users can view your work on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, LINUX, and UNIX platforms. Paperless Printer also works as a preview tool. Users can print from almost any Windows application to this printer and visualize the output on JPEG or BMP, without actually having to print on paper. Paperless Printer is a 100% software product. It has no hardware parts. Paperless Printer appears like a normal printer on a Windows PC. You can actually see the Paperless Printers]. Using an application's Print command you can print anything to this printer. Instead of printing on paper, Paperless Printer creates content in PDF, HTML, DOC, Excel, JPEG or BMP files. Paperless Printer can convert almost any application data to PDF, HTML, DOC, Excel, JPEG or BMP including those created with drawing, page-layout, or image-editing programs. Using the application's Print command, you can create files directly from Microsoft Office applications, database applications, word processing applications or common authoring applications.

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    I checked the manual, but it seems it is not possible to put in an email-address, bodytext, title in the report that the paperless printer can receive and use that info to send the email WITHOUT the user entering that info.

    In short : the user is in Navision, selects the report, selects the paperless printer and hits the print button. In that moment the paperless printer should send the email to a certain address with a certain bodytext with a certain title (all programmed in the report) WITHOUT that the user has to do anything. Is that possible? And if yes, how can I do that?
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    Yes, for the rest it seems like a very usable application. We now do those things in edocprinter which recognizes embedded commando's.
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