Cannot display help.....Action Cancelled

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When help is displayed the standard web browser "Action Cancelled" window comes up.

This client has Navision installed on an Application server and all users access through the network. There have been no upgrades or (known) updates to IE or the server.

Re-installing the client really isn't an option.


  • nelsonnelson Member Posts: 107
    This is a very long shot but it's worth checking it out:

    Go to the folder where Navision has been installed in and you will find an ENU folder.
    Inside there are some Compiled HTML Help Files (*.chm).
    Open the properties page for a few of these files - start with "master.chm" - and there is a chance that just below the read-only and hidden check boxes there is a Security message stating "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer".

    If this is so, you just have to click the unblock button for all the *.chm files and the Help will start working properly.

    I saw the same happening on the user guide for my computer which was also a CHM file and since Navision help is also CHM, maybe that's it.

    If that is so, I just don't know how the client was installed.
    It means the client directory must have simply been copied from another computer.
    Nelson Alberto
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    If you have Windows XP with SP2, it is problem of the IE and the security. If you are not using Company Notes, you can try to unregister the CompNotesHtml.dll. If you are using this module, you need to change the settings of IE to allow ActiveX components to run...
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  • stamronstamron Member Posts: 32
    The Active X problem is different. That will pop up an error box that informs the user of the error. This is simply not displaying help, with no error.
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Yes, it seem for me that there is not Ask user but Deny... or something with the settings...
    Kamil Sacek
    MVP - Dynamics NAV
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  • pekopeko Member Posts: 1
    I once had a problem with the help function. It was the virus scanner which did an on access scan on the chm-files. After disabling this, there was no problem.
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