Memory Handles on Server overloading

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Recently we've experience a problem with the memory handles on our server. One day last week, the server became unresponsive.

Seems the issue was determined that the Handle count went up over 200 000 and exhausted paged pool memory. At that point no more clients could connect to the server. It was all we could do to reboot the server let alone diagnose where the issue was.

Since then the Handle count has steadily grown to now approaching 50 000. The Navision Server.exe is holding ~40 000 of those. It has also spawned 80 threads (appears to be one per connected user).

Is anyone aware of an issue with leaking handles? This will no doubt take down the server again unless we restart the service on a regular basis. I have visited the Navision Partner site to see if there are any existing knowledge documents on this issue, and so far I have found very little indeed.

We are using v3.60 build 12119.

Kristopher Webb
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer
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