Duplication of receipt no. in LS Retail Transactions

chaitali_bhattacharyachaitali_bhattacharya Member Posts: 27
Hi All,

Anyone has ever come across a situation when the receipt no. gets duplicated in the transaction register while doing transactions in LS Retail (thru Retail POS). I am facing this problem wherein the receipt no. gets repeated while doing POS transactions. I am unable to track that under what circumstances does this happen.

Can someone please help.



  • amit.mbsamit.mbs Member Posts: 20
    Hi Chaitali

    seriosly it is happening.

    Amit :P
  • MohammedMohammed Member Posts: 42

    Anybody have solution for this? It's happening for me in Nav 2013 LS Retail 7.02.

  • MalajloMalajlo Member Posts: 294
    Had simmilar problem on LS 6.2 (NAV 2009, classic) with several users on one terminal server.

    It seems LSRetail.ini file is overwritten between getting new unposted receipt no. and writing last posted no.
    Tested case:
    ◾posted receipt xx1
    ◾unposted receipt no. xx2 is created and written to ini file
    ◾reverted ini file back to xx1
    ◾posted transaction xx2
    ◾!!! unposted receipt no. xx2 is created (and written to ini file)

    In 2013 code in Cu:99008900, ReadLocalVar(VAR LastSlipNo : Code[20]) is different, but you can try my test scenario if I/O operations with ini file are an issue.
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