hardware configuration for navision sql option

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Does anyone have documentations on this?

the situation:

130 concurrent users
60G database
3.6 Navision

1) Can we use windows 2003? What about SQL 2005?
2) I guess 4 CPU is required. What about RAM? I think we need 4G, but SQL 2000 Standard edition can only use 2G. To upgrade to SQL 2000 Enterprise will cost a lot...
3) No of hard drives? I think I should use 2 (RAID1) for OS and SQL. 8 (RAID10) for database. Any other suggestions? Should I add 2 more (RAID 1) for log file?




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    a few comment to get you started:

    Three thing to consider:



    1. CPU

    More is better than faster. Remember when using processors with Hyper-Threading both physical and logic processors count toward the O/S and SQL licenses. The total number of processors will effect the software requirements. I

    2. Memory

    You can never have to much.

    3. Disk

    Drive 0 (RAID 1)

    Install O/S and programs here.

    Drive 1 (RAID 1)

    Place SQL Log file here. This should be the only file on this drive. If you are running multiple databases, each log file should be placed on a separate RAID 1 drive set.

    Drive 2 (RAID 10)

    Place the SQL data files here. More drives is better than larger drives. The idea is to get as many heads access the data as possible.

    Use caching RAID controllers and turn on both read and write cache. make sure the controllers have battery backup for their cache. MAKE SURE THE CONTROLLERS ARE SUPPORTD WITH SQL. The failure of an unsupported controller can corrupt the database


    Install only the O/S services required. Do Not do a default install.


    Develop and follow a maintence plan. ReIndex on a regular basis and do not rely on autogrow. You can buy the biggest server your budget allows but if you do not build and maintain it properly you will not be happy with the performance.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    W2k vs Win2k3 - Win2k3 are recommended - faster, better
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