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When viewing a quote you can press the F9 key to get stats about the quote.

We run a system where the quotes can be in three different currencies; GBP, EUR and USD.

Has anyone modified this form so it shows stats in the foreigh currency and could offer tips on how to do it?
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    The Statistics Form display calculated fields of the sales header rec.

    The Vat lines in the subform are called with a temporary variable in the SetVATSpecification routine that is called in the OnOpenForm.

    In the SetVATSpecification is called the InitGlobals of the subform in order to set variables line the Currency Code.

    You could add a couple of tabs on the stats form, one form every currency you want, and put a "VAT Specification Subform" in each.

    Then you should manualy get the currency exchange rate and fix the calculated values of the standard currency and adjust them to the currency you want and place the values on variables on the form.

    In addition call the InitGlobals of each subform with the currency yu want so that it would calculate and display the proper values.

    This is a general idea, hope it helps...
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