SQL Server problem with maintain defaults option in Navision

davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
I implemented the suggestion earlier in the forum to turn on Maintain Defaults in the database.
This is actually implemented by default constraints in the sysobjects table.
Navision expects the contrsint name for each default to be:
$ndodefault$ followed by the parent id the $ and the field number.
In 2 of my custom tables, the naming convention does not use the parent id in the constraint name.
When I delete a field, I get an error when I recompile, caused by Navision trying to delete the default constraint using the naming convention it is expecting rather than the name used by SQL Server.
I have passed the problem on to Navision support, but was wondering if anyone on the forum had encounted this or a similar problem.
This is on Navision 4.0 MS SQL Server option with SQL Server 2000.


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