Send Customer Email (Navision)

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Send Customer Email (Navision)
This report allows you so send a report in HTML version to a selection of you customers. The report is created customer-specific.

This fob file is uploaded as support for the thread Multiple customer emails.

Object is Report 80000.

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  • SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Some reports force you to choose some options.

    ie/ Customer Statement
    These cannot be sent.

    I tried a customer aging report..
    Error: You cannot base a date calculation on an Unidentified Date
    Date: 0D
    Formula: -()

    Is there a list of criteria nessesary for a report to work?
  • Marije_BrummelMarije_Brummel Member, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    Yes, I know. :?

    It is only a sample report to show what can be done.

    If you want to send a specific report which has other parameters, you need to modify the report.

    I've tested it with report 101, and a custom made report.

    I hope you like it anyway. 8)

    If you have a specific standard navision report you want to use, ask me and I will try to help you set up the parameters. :D
  • rainnydayrainnyday Member Posts: 5
    What application its sent HTML doccument ?
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