Which laser printer for NF 2.01 ?

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Hi all.

I'm looking for a good network printer to use with NF 2.01 for
printing invoices and delivery notes. Which of the following
ones is better supported by NF: HP LaserJet 4050N or Lexmark Optra 612N.
I want to use the function of printing to different trays. For
example I want to print invoices allways to tray 1 and delivery
notes allways to tray 2 (plain paper). The second page of the
invoices should go to tray 2 as well.

Which printer/driver supports this funtion best?
Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with one of this printers ?

Thanx for your help.

Best regards,


  • Poul_ChristiansenPoul_Christiansen Member Posts: 1
    It is my experience that the HP laserJet drivers support the use of Trays better.

    I'va had trouble making Lexmark printer stop printing when they run out of paper in one tray in stead of selecting to print from the other available trays. Making this selection has not been a problem with other HP printers.

    Poul Christiansen
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  • TheDoubleHTheDoubleH Member Posts: 67
    I would also suggest HP.

    But have you concidderd using electronic forms, generated by the printer.

    I have begun selling that solution to more and more clients. It is also possible to print sales terms ect. on the backside of the paper if the printer supports dublex.

    you might want to go to their website: www.euroform.dk - They are HP partners also!

    Kind Regards

    Henrik Helgesen,
    Navision Solution Developer
    Kind Regards

    Henrik Helgesen,
    President | Helgesen Consulting
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  • StefanStefan Member Posts: 5
    I belive the only "trouble free" (whatever that means) network printer for Navision 2.xx is the Kyocera (1750). Especially if you want to use escape sequences. HP and Lexmark play stupid in that matter.

    Good luck!
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