Copy Debugger Values to Excel

xgwsvolxgwsvol Member Posts: 4
Good morning all together,
I have a big problem with finding a bug.
To find the failure I want to copy the values of the sales line to Excel in order to make a comparison between different statuses.
Does someone know a possibility to copy name and value to Excel?
Thanks a lot and a nice weekend,


  • Marije_BrummelMarije_Brummel Member, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    I assume that the copy value option does not work? Or do you want the values to be <TAB> separated?

    If you paste the values in Notepad first and replace the , with a <TAB> value you can paste it in excel and then transpose the values

    PS, my weekend only starts tomorow afternoon :D , but ends tuesday morning... 8)
  • xgwsvolxgwsvol Member Posts: 4
    Mark, thank you for your quick answer.
    Only copying the values doesn't help me, because it complicates the compare of several records.
    To replace the , with a <TAB> also brings some problems because of decimals.
    I searched for a solution of this problem for quite a long time --> no success
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