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Hi I need to upgrade a V21 on prem database to V24 CU2 onPrem
I have around 20 extensions with various levels of dependency. I am using a PowerShell script that interrogates all the extensions which have been placed in a folder, builds a dependency tree then installs and publishes the extensions in least dependency order.
I have used this script many times over the last few years on other upgrades and to deploy updated extensions to onprem databases.
However, when attempting to install and publish these to the V24 database I get very strange behaviour with the powershell. Everytime I call Get-NavAppInfo command shell windows pop up and it appears that the datatype of .AppInfo has changed to a GUID so the script errors.
Has anyone successfully performed an onPrem upgrade to V24 where there are multiple extensions involved?
You help would be much appreciated.
Thank you
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