Presentations of BC TechDays 2024

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Presentations of BC TechDays 2024
Presentations of the BC TechDays 2024 conference of 13 & 14 June 2024 in Antwerp (Belgium)

Thursday 13 June 2024

AL Development for OGs [90 min]
(Eric Wauters (waldo), Arend-Jan Kauffmann)
Double Trouble: A New Perspective on AL Testing [90 min]
(Vjekoslav Babić)
Microsoft Presents: Leveraging advanced design patterns for extensibility [45 min]
(Marko Aleksandric; Anders Larsen)
Microsoft Presents: Obsolete Move, Future of delocalization and componentization [45 min]
(Steffen Balslev; Gert Robyns; Thomas Pedersen)
Copilot Development: AI-Powered Extensions for Business Central [90 min]
(Dmitry Katson, Horina Serbanescu)
Validate() - all tables / all fields / always [90 min]
(Stefan Maroń, Christian Hovenbitzer)
Creating Power Automate flows for Business Central that actually matter! [90 min]
(AJ Ansari)
Extending Dynamics 365 Business Central with Virtual Tables and Business Events [90 min]
(Renato Fajdiga, Milan Milinčević)
Microsoft Presents: Authorization techniques you might have never heard about [45 min]
(Rayner Vaz; Christian Heide Damm)
Microsoft Presents: Advanced administration APIs and the developer experience [45 min]
(Roman Sauber)
Http Communication Best Practices [90 min]
(Arend-Jan Kauffmann)
Your Microsoft 365 account is more precious than you think [90 min]
(Kevin Rosendaal)
"When a dream comes true" aka NuGetized Business Central [90 min]
(Kamil Sáček, Freddy Kristiansen)
Microsoft Presents: What's new in Developer Tools [45 min]
(Peter Borring; Esben Nyhuus Kristoffersen; Steffen Balslev)
Microsoft Presents: What's new in Business Central clients for AL developers [45 min]
(Tomas Grubliauskas; Claudiu Cimitan)
Friday 14 June 2024

Telemetry: a developer's Best Friend [90 min]
(Eric Wauters (waldo))
Nothing is impossible in BC - ways to handle legacy interfaces in Business Central [90 min]
(Patrick Schiefer)
Microsoft Presents: Security & Privacy 101: best practices for an AI and data-centered world [45 min]
(Agustín Leyenda; Ayrton Massey)
Microsoft Presents: Prompt engineering and functional calling in AL [45 min]
(Darrick Joo; Qasim Ikram)
Microsoft Presents: What's new in Power Platform development: Power Automate and workflows [45 min]
(Monica Ahuja)
Microsoft Presents: Develop Copilot experiences with Power Platform [45 min]
(Ievgenii Korovin; Monica Ahuja)
Microsoft Presents: Designing for scale in Business Central online [90 min]
(Christian Heide Damm; Maria Zaharia Rusu; Rayner Vaz)
Reviewing the Code Review [90 min]
(Tine Starič)
A webservice here, an additional frontend there, but how do we ensure quality? [90 min]
(Tobias Fenster)
Microsoft Presents: What you always wanted to know about AL Namespaces (and never dared to ask) [45 min]
(Alexander Yakunin; Steffen Balslev; Thomas Pedersen)
Microsoft Presents: User friendly error handling in AL [45 min]
(Agnieszka Potulska-Tylenda; Jens Møller-Pedersen; Prangshuman Das)
Microsoft Presents: Tri-State Locking: Reducing locking in the runtime [45 min]
(Mads Gram; Torben Wind Meyhoff)
Microsoft Presents: Mastering Excel Reports in Business Central [45 min]
(Nikola Kukrika; Niels-Henrik Sejthen)
Microsoft Presents: Building Trust in AI: The Development of Microsoft's 'Chat with Copilot' [45 min]
(Ievgenii Korovin; Ayrton Massey)
Microsoft Presents: Exploring the Future of AL Development: Testing Copilot Features [45 min]
(Sam van Lieshout; Prangshuman Das)
Microsoft Presents: Maximizing Business Productivity: Mastering the Shopify Connector [45 min]
(Onat Buyukakkus)
Microsoft Presents: How to extend new E-Documents framework [45 min]
(Magnus Hartvig Grønbech)
Microsoft Presents: How Microsoft is open sourcing the Business Central applications on GitHub [90 min]
(Jonas Blunck; Freddy Kristiansen; Alexander Holstrup)

Recordings of these presentations are available on http://mibuso.tv .

Note: slidedeck of "Microsoft Presents: Advanced administration APIs and the developer experience" (Roman Sauber) is missing.


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