New sales Price Experience - handle fall-back prices

TheHeinoTheHeino Member Posts: 6
We are trying to implement the New Sales Price Experience but have experienced a bit of a let-down.

We have a price list with two lines - they are exactly alike except one has a Work type code = Posting and the other one has a blank Work type code.

I would expect the functionality to get the first price, if the Work type code = Posting on the Journal line and that is (of course) also how it works.

But I would also expect that if the Work type code is something else than "Posting", it would choose the Blank work type line in the Sales Price list... but that is not the case - this line is only chosen if the Work type is blank on the Journal line.

My customer here has alot of work types and we do not want to create a unique price for all combinations.

Can you create some kind of fallback price on the work type (or any other field that is not Assign-to type or Product type)?

I have created an extension that can prioritize the sales price list on the upper level (for exampe "All customers" have lowest priority and specific customer has top priority, so that it will choose the specific customer even though the All customers perhaps have a lower price). It works and all is great - but to create the fall back price is harder and I am a little bit at a loss how to do that.

I hope you can help with this predicament.

Thank you

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