Upgrade BC230 to BC240 (On Prem): Error when running Start-NavDataUpgrade on Base Application

greysgreys Member Posts: 29
hi there,

I'm currently upgrading an on-prem BC230 to on-prem BC240. When I run StartNavDataUpgrade, I get the following error:

"Could not upgrade the extension 'Base Application' by 'Microsoft' from version '23.0.12034.12841' to '24.0.16410.18056' for tenant 'default' and company '' due to the following error: 'You tried to invoke the Report object with the ID xxx from the object Upgrade - BaseApp. An object with that ID does not exist in the current application compiled with emit version 24034.'"

The objectID xxx refers to an object no. in our own addon solution. I have followed several upgrade paths in the past, but I never encountered such an error. Does anyone have a clue where this comes from?



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    greysgreys Member Posts: 29
    It appears to be one of our own reports that is present in the Custom Report Layout table (it has a word layout attached to it). Apparently, the upgrade code errors out in the MigrateCustomReportLayouts function in codeunit 5409. There it wants to move records from Custom Report Layout to Tenant Report Layout table. The object ID's refer to reports in our app (which is published yet not installed).

    Has anyone ever encountered this?
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    headley27headley27 Member Posts: 187
    We ran into this exact same issue, and other upgrade paths did not throw this error.

    Fortunately, we were dealing with a very small development dataset, so we re-installed BC240 from scratch, loaded our customizations and re-imported our dataset.

    I am curious, were you able to get around this?
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