Avoid using email scenario in BC22?

CelicniCelicni Member Posts: 7
I'm trying to set up some automatic email sending in BC. I set all the parameters for the "Email item" record I am using, such as the from address and the from name, from a setup table.

But when I use the EmailItem.Send procedure to actually send it, it insist on using email scenarios, ignoring any parameters set in the Email Item record, and instead uses the default email address to send the email.

Is there a way to avoid this? What's the point of setting the parameters on the email item if it just ignores it? Or is the only way for me to artificially create an email scenario with the email address I want to use?


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    Gokul_Tech_BCGokul_Tech_BC Member Posts: 4
    You can setup the email scenario as Default, Which will element the request of Email scenarios
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