Reservation Entry table

mazheikamazheika Member Posts: 5
Hello, please help me.
There is a table called /reservation entry./
For some reason, I always see [Item Ledger Entry No_] as zero.
I can't understand which table is best to join it to correctly track it to location and item?
And what does positive 0 and 1 mean? Does 1 indicate the reserved quantity?
And what is [Reservation Status]?


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    KTA8KTA8 Member Posts: 393
    The movements between location and in/out of them are in the ledger entry table, I don't get what you want to achieve
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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125
    edited 2024-05-08
    Reservation Entry table is a complex table in NAV / BC which handles (at least) reservation, item tracking, order tracking, and action messaging.

    Your question about the meaning of positive being 0 or 1 tells me, that you are on SQL Server, not familiar with neither SQL, nor Dynamics NAV / BC, nor with the Reservation Entry table and its interconnected areas of use.

    I strongly suggest you meet up with a senior NAV / BC developer in order to discuss your requirements and determine a solution strategy.
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