NAV 2013 R2 - Absolute Drop-Dead Date

jeffukjeffuk Member Posts: 6
Hi All,

I know it's a vague question, but I'm trying to draw a line under the "we absolutely positively MUST be off NAV 2013 R2 by.." conversation.

We've passed 'out of extended support', and the sky hasn't fallen. What's the 'next thing that will kill us'?

Assuming we want to remain reasonably current on hardware/OS; is there a specific point that the client simply stops working?
What about the application server, when is that going to fall over and not get up again?
Is there a time we'll not be able to run a version of SQL Server that works?
Is there going to be a version of .net framework that isn't backward compatible? etc. etc.

..or are we just waiting for 'for some unknown reason the client or application server has stopped working, and no-one will help us fix it'?

Any thoughts or links would be appreciated. What else should I be considering?



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    KTA8KTA8 Member Posts: 392
    Normally there are tricks to keep it running. Anyways the logical things it's too upgrade sooner or later but I guess that depends of the company. If it helps you, we've a big 2009 version running nowadays
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