Production Order Component - Unit Cost

GoruckGoruck Member Posts: 2
Good day,

We use standard cost and the unit cost for some of the items of the production order component lines is $0.
These components (purchased items) have a standard cost in the item card.

Does anyone know where it is getting the unit cost of the items in the production order component lines?

Thank you,


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    jeffukjeffuk Member Posts: 6
    As standard it comes straight from the Item.

    If you have a Stock-keeping unit for your item it will use that in preference to the one on the Item.

    If your component line is in something other than base unit of measure, it might be being rounded to zero if it's a very small amount.

    Otherwise, it will need debugging to see what it's doing.
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    GoruckGoruck Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, Jeff - you hit the nail on the head. The standard cost was missing on the stock keeping unit card which was causing the issue. It's all good now and thanks for the response!
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