http requests to https endpoint with invalid ssl certificate

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Hey guys,

I'm communicating with a web service on a test system of one of our partners. This endpoint uses a self-signed ssl certificate for its https connection. When I browse to it using a browser, it gives me a warning that the certificate's issuer cannot be validated, but I can proceed ignoring it or creating an exception for it.

But from AL code, I haven't found a way to ignore that. It always gives me a "The SSL connection could not be established... The remote certificate is invalid..." error.

In production, I won't have the problem as the productive endpoint will have a proper certificate.

Can I somehow tell the AL code / the BC runtime to ignore certificate errors?

And no: Using .net dlls is not an option as we must be compliant with the "universal code initiative". So I can only use plain AL objects and functions.

Best regards

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