BC Dimension Issue BC 22 On Prem

Ganesh2002Ganesh2002 Member Posts: 7
We recently moved to BC 22 on Prem. We are noticing a weird issue. In Purchase Line and FA GL journal , we have to enter short cut dimension ( 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8) before shortcut dimension 1 . If we enter Shortcut dim 1 before other shortcut dimensions, somehow it does not recognize shortcut 1 dimension. It says that the shortcut dimension 1 is missing. Do we have any solution for this? I am not sure what we are doing wrong. It is so strange. It works in the Sandbox but not in the production. We don't have any issue with Shortcut dimension 2 (Which is Global Dimension 2). The order we enter has become critical now.

Here is the error:
The Property code (shortcut dimension 1) is missing in line 10000. We have entered the value. When we reenter it again, it recognizes the value.
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