[NAV2018] Transaction failed. SendAsDenied error while sending PO for approval

Aravindh_NavisionAravindh_Navision Member Posts: 258
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[Version: NAV2018]

I am sending a PO for approval and there are 3 persons (A,B,C) in the approval chain. Persons A,B,C are added in Approval User Setup with their respective email IDs. When I send a PO for approval, I am getting below error in Job Queue Entries.


By default it is not taking up the e-mail ID from the SMTP Mail Setup and notification is not being sent to Person-B. But if I give the email ID that is suppose to be in SMTP Mail Setup for the Person-A in approval user setup, then the mail is being sent.

Can anyone let me know what am missing?

Thanks in advance.
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