Find the specific "Sales Price" the used to validate "Unit Price" on Sales Order Lines

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This is in Business Central cloud.
I'm looking for a way to find the specific "Sales Price" the system fetches to determine the "Unit Price" when validating the "No." field on Sales Lines for orders. I have a custom field on the "Sales Price" table that needs to be transferred from the correct "Sales Price" line to the Sales Line on Validation. I'm having trouble finding the correct event to subscribe to that includes information of the specific "Sales Price" line used.

Advice and thoughts are greatly appreciated.


  • KTA8KTA8 Member Posts: 385
    I think "No." shouldn't be enough because in sales price it's a setup of mininum quantity too. I would go for after quantity
  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,113
    You will need some trigger published by Codeunit 7000 Sales Price Calc. Mgt.

    Which one exactly depends, but check if OnAfterFindSalesLinePrice does it for you.

    How do you find the right place? Follow the code (in your head, or in the debugger) as it gets executed, until you find a suitable spot.
  • DanielGorskiDanielGorski Member Posts: 14
    this should be your correct event:
    [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Table, Database::"Sales Line", 'OnUpdateUnitPriceByFieldOnAfterFindPrice', '', false, false)]
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