How to handle the visible property of an actiongroup


i need help to handle the visible property of an actiongroup in a role center, i created a boolean variable and then when i try to assign a false value i receive an error message : No trigger code is allowed on page of type Role Center.

Thank you


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    Ephraim_07Ephraim_07 Member Posts: 9
    Hello Rachid,

    This error appears because you are not allow to run code on the Role center of a page. So your Boolean variable cannot be used in C/AL or AL code.
    So the solution is two fold:

    Option 1:
    You can set the Actiongroup to FALSE by default and guide on the users who need it to be able to add it to their role center

    Option 2 (my recommendation):
    If you must use code, the create a separate page with the type of "CardPart" and then add the elements you want from the action group into this page. And then set the Boolean variable in this new page as well as writing the code you want.
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    RachidELRachidEL Member Posts: 5
    Hello Ephraim and thank you for your answer.

    So for the separate page, it must be a copy of the existing role center ?
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