How do I get NAV 2017 to work with Visual Studio 2017 for the creation of reports?

mykpmykp Member Posts: 1

I am very new to working with Nav, so please excuse any nonsense I may say.

According to the system requirements of NAV 2017, I should be able to use Visual Studio 2017 with "Microsoft RDLC Report Designer for Visual Studio" installed, to create and edit RDLC report layouts.

However I get an error message when I try to edit the layout of the report: "An error occured when opening the report designer. A supported version of Visual Studio could not be found"

I dowloaded the RDLC Report Designer within Visual Studio using the extension tab.

What am I missing?

I saw a forum post where somebody said NAV 2017 doesn't support VS 2017, but Microsoft says somtething different.

I am using "Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017 Version 15.9.58" and "Microsoft Dynamcis NAV 2017 Version (10.0.30639)"

Thanks in advance!


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