SMTP with OAUTH 2.0 - BC22 OnPrem

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Hi all,

Configured a BC22 instance with Credential Type = AccessControlService.
Created an Email Account entry, Account Type = STMP:
* Applied Office 365 Server Settings
* Email Address & User Name = support@<domain>.com
* Sender Email Account = Specific User
* Authentication = OAuth 2.0
* Completed the "Set Up Azure Active Directory" after creating an app registration.
* Able to authenticate and verify authentication.

After initial send tests failed, we then created a user for support@<domain>.com, logged in as that user and was successfully able to send an email.

Other users just get:
The email was not sent because of the following error: "The SMTP server rejected the authentication request, as the authentication data is incorrect. Verify that your Username and Password are correct and that the SMTP server supports the specified authentication type (OAuth 2.0). SMTP error code: 535.

Even verified our process against Arend-Jan Kauffmann's article, but no luck.


Kind Regards,
Ewald Venter
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