RecRef: GetBestKeyNo (Navision)

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RecRef: GetBestKeyNo (Navision)
The function returns the index of the best key to use given the applied filters.

This fob file is uploaded as support for the thread RecordRef: How to select best key programmatically..

Object is Codeunit 58679.

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  • ndonohoendonohoe Member Posts: 15
    OK so how do you use it? Run it from report -if so, which trigger.
    I can't design - I get internal error 47-1 (text no. 102-25 does not exist in the .stx file. Is it version specific?

  • PrebenRasmussenPrebenRasmussen Member Posts: 137
    It was created on 4.0, but should also work on 3.70. Which are you using?
  • ndonohoendonohoe Member Posts: 15
    I'm still using 2.6 :oops: I know, I know time for an upgrade!
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