Generate a auto receive without apply to original document

Hello all,
Imagine this scenario:
In our version of Dynamics NAV 2017,a change was made so that orders would create an advanced invoice, using an specific item for this. But the customer pays this advance, the problem is that it is only registered centrally many days later. Causing an analysis error as the customer paid the advance invoice.
Later with that order still open, all the products are filled, and generating the final item invoice. The Advance Invoice is Credited automatically, and applied, and in the end the customer will pay the rest of the item invoice.
Since the store cannot launch this payment and there is a huge delay, there is some possibility of creating a auto receive without apply to the original invoice, as there are more consequences ahead. This would be confirmed later, but in terms of balance everything would be fine.
So basicly is like using the receiving journal, but automatically (and not applying). Only on this advance cases.

CodeUnit 80 is the key.


  • KTA8KTA8 Member Posts: 377
    I don't get your problem. In moment 1, you make an order using wildcard item, ex: 3 *1000 € = 3000 €. You make invoice and customer paid that invoice. When you now which are the real items, moment 2, you should enter them ex item A = 4 * 1000 € = 4000 € - 3000 € (prepaid quantity) and make a new invoice for 1000 €. This way all process will be ok.
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