How do I translate from Danish using xlf files in Business Central cloud?

Hi experts.

I have my own app in Business Central cloud.

All captions etc. are written in Danish.

Now the customer tell us that some users are going to use English and some are going to use Danish on the GUI.

I guess that Business Central expect my app to be in en-US. Is that correct? Can I somehow set up my app to be in da-DK (Danish)?

I have made a xlf file with source-language en-US and target-language en-US. In that file, I translate from Danish to English. That works fine when the user wants captions in English.

But when the user wants to use Danish, the captions from my app are all in English (and the standard Business Central is in Danish).

I tried to fix that by making another xlf file with source-language en-US and target-language da-DK. In that file, I have made "source" and "target" for all captions, and they are both in Danish. I have also tried to make a change in that file, som source and target was not the same. None of this worked.

I really would like to keep the Danish captions in the source code. Is there some way to make this work?
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