NAV 2018 - Job No. must be equal to '' in G/L Entry when reversing a G/L register

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I am trying to reverse several G/L Registers in NAV 2018 and I keep getting this message: "Job No. must be equal to '' in G/L Entry." Of course I get more identifying information but that is the general gist of the issue.
I have debugged the process and found that it stops in the "Check GL" section of the Table 179 : Reversal Entry code where NAV is testing for the Job No.
It looks like the particular G/L Account is Set up as a 'Sale' General Posting Type, and uses a Gen. Prod. Posting Group of 'Job'. When I look at the General Posting Setup, I can see that the Sales Account is not populated. This leads me to wonder if this is my underlying reason for not being able to reverse this G/L Register line.
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