Flowfield to see the birthday is this week?

slmaluwaslmaluwa Member Posts: 358
On a cue table, I want to create a flowfield with the count of Employees celebrating the birthday within the next seven days. Is this possible?
I created a function/procedure to pass the Birth Date field from Employee table and see whether the this year birth day falls between today(0 and Next 7 days.

how can bring it to a Cue table, please ?
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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Not sure if it works but try creating a FlowFilter field in the Cue table, and then a cue field that counts the employees based on where the Birthday field is filtered by the flowfilter. You would then have some logic in OnOpenPage event of the cue stack to set the value of the flowfilter to the next 7 days
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