Delete data and Schema from an already unpublished app

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I had an app installed in my OnPrem BC20. Someone uninstalled it and unpublished it (which was ok) and now it does not show in the Extension management overview - all was ok, we were happy... now we need to copy a company from one database to another. In the new database we have installed all extensions but we do not have the unpublished app... So now the company-move fails because of the unpublished app and because we did not delete the data when we uninstalled it... so my question is:

How do you delete data and/or schema from an unpublished extension on BC20 OnPrem when you do not have the original app-file.

I hope you can help - my next step is to go into the SQL server and check if I can see where the app is registered and hopefully delete the references in there.

*Update* - I can see that the app is in Uninstalledapp table in SQL and it has a "1" in the "Hasdata" column... but how to remove this data? :-) I used this query:
FROM dbo.[$ndo$navappuninstalledapp]

Thank you.
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