Need help: Migrating Business Central 14 to business central 22

Smart2023Smart2023 Member Posts: 2
In my version 14 fields were directly inserted into the system tables instead of making extensions. As a result, when migrating to business central 22 , when you publish the "Base Application" extension on version 22 and you want to synchronize, you get errors relating to the base tables of version 14 modified (The tables in the which fields have been inserted). Or maybe it's my migration approach that's not the right one. I urgently need help.
NB: Conversion from BC 14 to BC22 (There is no extension in my version 14, the modifications were directly made on the base tables).


  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 228
    Before upgrade, you should make sure that custom tables/fields either don't exist, or are covered by appropriate apps in DestinationAppsForMigration Server Instance property and those apps are published before doing any Sync-NavApp commands
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