Problem when upgrading onprem v18 to v22

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Hello all,

I'm trying to upgrade a BC database from version 18 to version 22. The service is running on an Azure VM and the database is an Azure SQL database.

I'm following this walkthgrough. The problem is that when I execute the step to synchronize the System Application, I'm getting the following error in Administration Shell:

Looking at the event viewer, it seems that there is a metadata problem for numerous tables that don't seem to actually exist in the database.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.



  • dbabasdbabas Member Posts: 32
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    Looking closer to the error messages, it seems that the highlighted warnings are not the source of the problem. The database has a number of test companies which have been created as copies of the production company. For some reason, the test companies don't have some of the tables (for example the table "Field Content Buffer"). The "Sync-NavApp" is trying to find these tables and it errors because they don't exist. Not really sure why this is happening to be frank.
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