Use word template

I used the following code to add custom email fields in the customer card to the CCList
But the weird part is, once that code is published, those two buttons are disabled
Does anyone know why or how to resolve this? I have been debugging and struggling with this for the last two days with no luck. Especially since that page specifically is not debuggable as it's a System Application


  • ZumiicZumiic Member Posts: 8
    Does this report have a custom report layout in word format in the system?
  • julkifli33julkifli33 Member Posts: 1,065
    Hi I have the same problem.
    I have added Custom Report Layout as word for my customized report.
    but the button is disabled.

    - I have customized Table
    - I created page and send email from this table.
    - I have created rdlc report as well from this table
    - Word Template already created

    - everything works ok, the only thing is apply word doc doesnt work

    any help?
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