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Hi experts,

In Axapta 4.0, I have a form with two tab pages that use two seperate datasources. Tab Page A has datasource AA in a grid and Tab Page B has datasource BB in another grid.

If I set focus on Tab Page B and wait for some minutes, then it automatically opens Tab Page A. Sometimes it takes a long time and sometimes it takes a few minutes. It also happens, when I move my Remote Desktop with the Axapta inside from one physical monitor to another and set it to full screen.

I can see that the method pageActivated on Tab Page A is called.

How do I avoid that the form automatically changes tab page?

It is easy to reproduce the error:
- Make a new form.
- Add two datasources.
- Make a Group.
- Make a Tab in the Group.
- Make two Tab Pages in the Tab.
- Make a Grid in each of the Tab Pages.
- Add a few fields from datasource A in the first Tab Page.
- Add a few fields from datasource B in the second Tab Page.
- Now you have a form that has the error.

Hope you can help.
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