Allocate costs

Hi. I have a question regarding Allocate costs. When posting purchase invoices, they are correctly transferred to cost entries (entries are separate). The problem arises when we run the function allocate costs for the specific date, for example 05/22/2023, function combines all cost entries (all the previous dates too) with the same cost allocation ID (for example, invoice posted on 04/01/2023 with value 100€ and invoice posted on 05/22/2023 with value 100€), so at the end function allocates 200€ and they are both posted on 05/22/2023. But if we run allocation cost for the date 04/01/2023 first and then for the date 05/22/2023, the entries are not combined, and they have the correct dates. But doing it this way it is very time consuming and inefficient when you have to post a lot of invoices.

So, my question is if there is a better way to allocate costs? Maybe automatically running the allocate cost when an invoice is posted?
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