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I am using BC and preparing financials in excel. Concerned on how the cost of sales will be presented and still be in balance.


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    This needs more explanation please
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    In Business Central I am told that the cost of goods sold is automatically calculated and posted in a GL account. I am not using BC for financials but will run a trial balance and enter the balances in excel where I have formulas that create the financials in a desired format.
    How can this work and still balance?
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    If You are not using BC for financials, so it means all finance are done on Your excel.
    So for it to balance - check Your amounts and formulas :)
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    Thanks genius!!!!!!!!
  • kjpdorankjpdoran Member Posts: 4
    Thanks genius
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    BC can optionally post inventory cost to G/L, but it uses a Perpetual Inventory System for this. If you want to post the costs manually, the simpler Periodic Inventory System would be the way to go.
    Kai Kowalewski
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