Can I add a front page to a RDLC layout

Hi there,

is there a way for me to add a front page to a rdlc layout? Our customer wants his Sales Quotes to have an additional front page. Is there a way to add one in Microsoft Report Builder? Since you can only add one header, i assume it's rather tricky to do.


  • bbrownbbrown Member Posts: 3,268
    I did something like this recently for a customer's warehouse document. This was based on the warehouse shipment. The customer wanted a bunch of information to print on a cover page. Here's an outline of my approach:

    1. I reduced the header to only a bare minimum. As this would print on every page.
    2. I added a new table above the existing table that prints the lines.
    3. This new table is where I built the cover page.
    4. I set the new table properties to do a page break after.
    5. I added logic to this table and its elements printed. This included both a "PrintCover" boolean in the dataset and various Visibility properties in the layout.

    Yes, this was tricky and took a bit to sort out. This should get you started.
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  • dpe84dpe84 Member Posts: 2
    thx for sharing your approach. First i'm gonna try merging 2 pdfsíos-ley/ since this sounds promising as well. if that doesn't work like i want, i'll give your approach a try.

    Thx :)
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