NAV 2015 - Footer Only On Last Page (Here we go again!!!)

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Apologies as this has probably been beaten to death. But I've been out of the loop for a few years and now have a "requirement" for a .(sizable) footer to be printed only on the last page of a purchase order. Searches have lead me through "impossible" to using a sub-report.

The sub-report approach sounds intriguing - but any mention of it has very little detail, and examples are not in the dev environment I am in - NAV 2015 and SQL Report Builder. In RB I see "Insert > Sub-Report" , but this action is only available in the body section. Is that what is meant?

So ... if this is a fool's errand and not worth pursuing then fine. I can live with that.

But if there is merit in the sub-report approach then some pointers/examples would be great.

Thanks in advance!


Oh - since they could probably live with the "footer" not being at the bottom of the page - as long as it only prints once at the end- then maybe having a detail line in the body section that has Visibility toggled by a flag in the data might work ... Thoughts?


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    I'm just throwing an idea out there, without having it actually tried, but:
    What if you added conditional "hidden" property to the footer textboxes/tables (or the entire thing), and set it to "=Globals.PageNumber <> Globals.TotalPages)"? PageNumber property works only on Header and Footer, so if you do a check for whether the current page is the last page, and base the visibility of the elements on it, it should in theory do the trick
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    Unfortunately no. This won't work. Well - it does - a bit. You can specify in the Footer Properties to print only on the last page, but unfortunately whatever space/height the footer section is set to is reserved/blank on prior pages. So if your footer is "large" (as in this case) there is a big blank space at the bottom of all but the last page.

    I should have been clearer in my initial description - and tested a bit to see (remember!) the footer property "Print on Last Page" is there. But you still have the problem of the blank area on prior pages.

    RDLC sure is a powerful and rich report environment - much better than the earlier "Sections" technology. But the "R" at the front means it was designed for reports - like a list of customer balances with a total at the end, or an item list where a footer is not really relevant. But here we are fighting with it to produce "documents". Hence stuff like this footer issue and the somewhat bizarre Set/GetData stuff that really makes development "interesting".
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    Ah, I see! How about then having a table with all the required footer data in the body section, then using the trick shown here to get the page no. inside the body, then use similar logic to get the totals page and apply conditional row visibility on the table's rows. Those, when hidden, do not take up space.
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    So, how is your "Footer" different from any of the sections printed at the end of the document such as total amounts, VAT specification etc.?
  • bhalpinbhalpin Member Posts: 302
    How is the footer different? It is BIG.
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