Add a PDF as Background Image to Report 780 in RDLC at runtime

FragenFragerFragenFrager Member Posts: 52
I'm provided with the task to make the Report 780 with a PDF as notepaper/background. It can be chosen, whether the background should be printed. So, the PDF is taken from an external storage at runtime.
In ForNav, the PDF is stored in the TempBlob-Table. After that, an InStream is created from the BLOB and given to a ForNav-Function, which does all the rest.
But how can I achieve this in RDLC-Layout?
The problem is, that the PDF is not stored to the database physically, so source-type Database does not work.
When I store the PDF in the TempBlob-Table, choose Embedded as source-type and refer to the TempBlob.Blob-Field, nothing is shown.
I also experimented with the different Repeat-Types, no way.
I'm not sure, if this is a problem of the format/size or if there is simply no data transferred to the report. The BLOB is calculated, as I could find out with debugging.
Any help would be much appreciated.

With kind regards


  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492
    Good morning,
    Not sure if I understand what you are trying to achieve.

    So you want to put an external pdf file as a background for a report and you used fornav external tool for this before.

    I'm not sure you can show a blob with a pdf embedded.
    I would suggest to convert that pdf to a JPG and then display the blob contents as image in the background of your RDLC report perhaps?

    send some examples maybe we can help.
  • FragenFragerFragenFrager Member Posts: 52
    Hello txeriff,
    I was on vacation, so I did not get your answer earlier.
    Converting the pdf to a bitmap, jpeg or another image-format was also a suggestion. Unfortunately, in my case, it has to be a pdf. But, honestly, I'm a little bit disappointed that ForNav can handle a pdf as background, but RDLC can't.
    However, thanks for your reply.

    With kind regards
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