Reference to the member 'name' of the variable could not be solved

dissco6dissco6 Member Posts: 6
Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new in dinamycs nav and I run in to a problem when trying to LookUp for "No." in Purchase invoice form.

Error looks like that Reference to the member Padalinio koregavimas of the variable could not be solved

How to fix this problem?


  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 222
    Can you show your code where the error happens, as it's clearly from a customization?
  • dissco6dissco6 Member Posts: 6
    edited 2023-03-31
    No idea where it happens, I tried to recompile Puchase Line and Purchace header tables and Purchase Invoice and Purch. Invoice subform forms. None of them showed any errors which I could trace.

    Debugger also don't catch any errors.

    Might it be not the code error?
  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 222
    Impossible to say without seeing the custom code added to the relevant objects
  • dissco6dissco6 Member Posts: 6
    How could I find out where the error occurs?
  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,067
    With the debugger active and the debugger set to "Break on error" and the debugger attached to the session you get the error in, the debugger did not catch it? If so, contact whoever is responsible for the customization. It is very likely, given these conditions, something very non-standard is going on.

    One other thing you can try is to compile all objects. If the error comes from NAV, rather than from some external .NET assembly, the object that causes the exception will not compile.
  • dissco6dissco6 Member Posts: 6
    Field was missing in a table, solved
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