Upgrade NAV2009r2 to BC14

frag1efrag1e Member Posts: 1
Hallo together,

i facing a problem in the upgrade process to BC14.
MS says, to upgrade NAV2009r2 to BC14 you need to do following steps:
2009r2 -> NAV2013 (technical) -> NAV2015 (incl. Codeupgrade) -> BC14

in step 2009r2 -> 2015 i faceing the problem that that the tenant sync throw me the error, that MS standard fields are missing.

Table: 32 Item Ledger Entry
Field: 5401 Prod. Order No.: Deleted
Field: 5740 Transfer Order No.: Deleted
Field: 5832 Prod. Order Line No.: Deleted
Field: 5900 Service Order No.: Deleted

the docu says the fields would be handled by the upgrade toolkit.

as i understand, i dont need to merge missing standard fields back into the database during the upgrade process, right?

the error pops up in step 20 (or Task 7)

Did i missed one step or understand things wrong?

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