Docker NAV2018 Container with Windows Authentication and database outside of the container

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I do want to create a NAV2018 docker container which connects to a NAV database located outside of the container. I want to use Windows Authentication for that.

I'm running following command to do that
New-BcContainer `
  -accept_eula `
  -containerName MyTestingContainer `
  -databaseServer 'some.server.somewhere' `
  -databaseInstance '' `
  -databaseName 'AnyDatabase' `
  -artifactUrl (Get-BCArtifactUrl -type OnPrem -country de -version 11.0.46360) `
  -databaseCredential (get-credential) `
  -updateHosts `
  -Credential (get-credential -credential $env:USERNAME)

The container is created successful but when I'm opening the Web Client it shows following error message.
You do not have access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Verify that you have been set up as a valid user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

I can connect to the "external" database via the NST inside that container when I'm creating the container with NavUserNamePassword as authentication method.

Do I misunderstand how the Windows Authentication method is working?


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